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of ‘36, and pointed to these new methods of communication,

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‘Th’ folk are all coming up here I reckon?’ asked he.

of ‘36, and pointed to these new methods of communication,

‘I don’t know. Something unusual seemed going on; but this street is quite empty, I think.’

of ‘36, and pointed to these new methods of communication,

She went across the yard and up the steps to the house door. There was no near sound — no steam-engine at work with beat and pant — no click of machinery, or mingling and clashing of many sharp voices; but far away, the ominous gathering roar, deep-clamouring.

of ‘36, and pointed to these new methods of communication,

Chapter 22 A Blow and its Consequences

‘But work grew scarce, while bread grew dear,

For Irish hordes were bidders here,

Margaret was shown into the drawing-room. It had returned into its normal state of bag and covering. The windows were half open because of the heat, and the Venetian blinds covered the glass — so that a gray grim light, reflected from the pavement below, threw all the shadows wrong, and combined with the green-tinged upper light to make even Margaret’s own face, as she caught it in the mirrors, look ghastly and wan. She sat and waited; no one came. Every now and then, the wind seemed to bear the distant multitudinous sound nearer; and yet there was no wind! It died away into profound stillness between whiles.

‘Mamma will come directly, Miss Hale. She desired me to apologise to you as it is. Perhaps you know my brother has imported hands from Ireland, and it has irritated the Milton people excessively — as if he hadn’t a right to get labour where he could; and the stupid wretches here wouldn’t work for him; and now they’ve frightened these poor Irish starvelings so with their threats, that we daren’t let them out. You may see them huddled in that top room in the mill — and they’re to sleep there, to keep them safe from those brutes, who will neither work nor let them work. And mamma is seeing about their food, and John is speaking to them, for some of the women are crying to go back. Ah! here’s mamma!’


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