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parish rates; eighty-three thousand able-bodied men, actually

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‘I take the risk. You need not join in it unless you choose.’ Still some more fears were urged.

parish rates; eighty-three thousand able-bodied men, actually

‘I’m not afraid of anything so dastardly as incendiarism. We are open enemies; and I can protect myself from any violence that I apprehend. And I will assuredly protect all others who come to me for work. They know my determination by this time, as well and as fully as you do.’

parish rates; eighty-three thousand able-bodied men, actually

Mr. Horsfall took him a little on one side, as Margaret conjectured, to ask him some other question about the strike; but, in truth, it was to inquire who she herself was — so quiet, so stately, and so beautiful.

parish rates; eighty-three thousand able-bodied men, actually

‘A Milton lady?’ asked he, as the name was given.

‘No! from the south of England — Hampshire, I believe,’ was the cold, indifferent answer.

Mrs. Slickson was catechising Fanny on the same subject.

‘Who is that fine distinguished-looking girl? a sister of Mr. Horsfall’s?’

‘Oh dear, no! That is Mr. Hale, her father, talking now to Mr. Stephens. He gives lessons; that is to say, he reads with young men. My brother John goes to him twice a week, and so he begged mamma to ask them here, in hopes of getting him known. I believe, we have some of their prospectuses, if you would like to have one.’


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