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of these free-trade measures in corn and timber will be

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‘This letter is from Aunt Shaw, papa. She has got to Naples, and finds it too hot, so she has taken apartments at Sorrento. But I don’t think she likes Italy.’

of these free-trade measures in corn and timber will be

‘He did not say anything about diet, did he?’

of these free-trade measures in corn and timber will be

‘It was to be nourishing, and digestible. Mamma’s appetite is pretty good, I think.’

of these free-trade measures in corn and timber will be

‘Yes! and that makes it all the more strange he should have thought of speaking about diet.’

‘I asked him, papa.’ Another pause. Then Margaret went on: ‘Aunt Shaw says, she has sent me some coral ornaments, papa; but,’ added Margaret, half smiling, ‘she’s afraid the Milton Dissenters won’t appreciate them. She has got all her ideas of Dissenters from the Quakers, has not she?’

‘If ever you hear or notice that your mother wishes for anything, be sure you let me know. I am so afraid she does not tell me always what she would like. Pray, see after that girl Mrs. Thornton named. If we had a good, efficient house-servant, Dixon could be constantly with her, and I’d answer for it we’d soon set her up amongst us, if care will do it. She’s been very much tired of late, with the hot weather, and the difficulty of getting a servant. A little rest will put her quite to rights — eh, Margaret?’

‘I hope so,’ said Margaret — but so sadly, that her father took notice of it. He pinched her cheek.

‘Come; if you look so pale as this, I must rouge you up a little. Take care of yourself, child, or you’ll be wanting the doctor next.’


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