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in the suggestion? On the contrary: ten years before (1836),

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But smiles were changed to white and trembling looks, when they saw Dixon’s face, as she opened the door.

in the suggestion? On the contrary: ten years before (1836),

‘Oh, master! — Oh, Miss Margaret! Thank God you are come! Dr. Donaldson is here. The servant next door went for him, for the charwoman is gone home. She’s better now; but, oh, sir! I thought she’d have died an hour ago.’

in the suggestion? On the contrary: ten years before (1836),

Mr. Hale caught Margaret’s arm to steady himself from falling. He looked at her face, and saw an expression upon it of surprise and extremest sorrow, but not the agony of terror that contracted his own unprepared heart. She knew more than he did, and yet she listened with that hopeless expression of awed apprehension.

in the suggestion? On the contrary: ten years before (1836),

‘Oh! I should not have left her — wicked daughter that I am!’ moaned forth Margaret, as she supported her trembling father’s hasty steps up-stairs. Dr. Donaldson met them on the landing.

‘She is better now,’ he whispered. ‘The opiate has taken effect. The spasms were very bad: no wonder they frightened your maid; but she’ll rally this time.’

‘This time! Let me go to her!’ Half an hour ago, Mr. Hale was a middle-aged man; now his sight was dim, his senses wavering, his walk tottering, as if he were seventy years of age.

Dr. Donaldson took his arm, and led him into the bedroom. Margaret followed close. There lay her mother, with an unmistakable look on her face. She might be better now; she was sleeping, but Death had signed her for his own, and it was clear that ere long he would return to take possession. Mr. Hale looked at her for some time without a word. Then he began to shake all over, and, turning away from Dr. Donaldson’s anxious care, he groped to find the door; he could not see it, although several candles, brought in the sudden affright, were burning and flaring there. He staggered into the drawing-room, and felt about for a chair. Dr. Donaldson wheeled one to him, and placed him in it. He felt his pulse.

‘Speak to him, Miss Hale. We must rouse him.’


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