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four hundred thousand able-bodied men receiving out-door

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Mr. Horsfall took him a little on one side, as Margaret conjectured, to ask him some other question about the strike; but, in truth, it was to inquire who she herself was — so quiet, so stately, and so beautiful.

four hundred thousand able-bodied men receiving out-door

‘A Milton lady?’ asked he, as the name was given.

four hundred thousand able-bodied men receiving out-door

‘No! from the south of England — Hampshire, I believe,’ was the cold, indifferent answer.

four hundred thousand able-bodied men receiving out-door

Mrs. Slickson was catechising Fanny on the same subject.

‘Who is that fine distinguished-looking girl? a sister of Mr. Horsfall’s?’

‘Oh dear, no! That is Mr. Hale, her father, talking now to Mr. Stephens. He gives lessons; that is to say, he reads with young men. My brother John goes to him twice a week, and so he begged mamma to ask them here, in hopes of getting him known. I believe, we have some of their prospectuses, if you would like to have one.’

‘Mr. Thornton! Does he really find time to read with a tutor, in the midst of all his business — and this abominable strike in hand as well?’

Fanny was not sure, from Mrs. Slickson’s manner, whether she ought to be proud or ashamed of her brother’s conduct; and, like all people who try and take other people’s ‘ought’ for the rule of their feelings, she was inclined to blush for any singularity of action. Her shame was interrupted by the dispersion of the guests.


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