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* * * * ‘The vehemence of the farmers is personal against

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‘Well,’ said she, ‘yo’ see, they thinken a deal o’ money here and I reckon yo’ve not getten much.’

* * * * ‘The vehemence of the farmers is personal against

‘No,’ said Margaret, ‘that’s very true. But we are educated people, and have lived amongst educated people. Is there anything so wonderful, in our being asked out to dinner by a man who owns himself inferior to my father by coming to him to be instructed? I don’t mean to blame Mr. Thornton. Few drapers’ assistants, as he was once, could have made themselves what he is.’

* * * * ‘The vehemence of the farmers is personal against

‘But can yo’ give dinners back, in yo’r small house? Thornton’s house is three times as big.’

* * * * ‘The vehemence of the farmers is personal against

‘Well, I think we could manage to give Mr. Thornton a dinner back, as you call it. Perhaps not in such a large room, nor with so many people. But I don’t think we’ve thought about it at all in that way.’

‘I never thought yo’d be dining with Thorntons,’ repeated I Bessy. ‘Why, the mayor hissel’ dines there; and the members of Parliament and all.’

‘I think I could support the honour of meeting the mayor of Milton.

‘But them ladies dress so grand!’ said Bessy, with an anxious look at Margaret’s print gown, which her Milton eyes appraised at sevenpence a yard. Margaret’s face dimpled up into a merry laugh. ‘Thank You, Bessy, for thinking so kindly about my looking nice among all the smart people. But I’ve plenty of grand gowns — a week ago, I should have said they were far too grand for anything I should ever want again. But as I’m to dine at Mr. Thornton’s, and perhaps to meet the mayor, I shall put on my very best gown, you may be sure.’

‘What win yo’ wear?’ asked Bessy, somewhat relieved.


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