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he was passionately attached, and to withdraw in a great

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‘No!’ said she, heavily. ‘I’m sick on it. I could have wished to have had other talk about me in my latter days, than just the clashing and clanging and clattering that has wearied a’ my life long, about work and wages, and masters, and hands, and knobsticks.’

he was passionately attached, and to withdraw in a great

‘Poor wench! latter days be farred! Thou’rt looking a sight better already for a little stir and change. Beside, I shall be a deal here to make it more lively for thee.’

he was passionately attached, and to withdraw in a great

‘Tobacco-smoke chokes me!’ said she, querulously.

he was passionately attached, and to withdraw in a great

‘Then I’ll never smoke no more i’ th’ house!’ he replied, tenderly. ‘But why didst thou not tell me afore, thou foolish wench?’

She did not speak for a while, and then so low that only Margaret heard her:

‘I reckon, he’ll want a’ the comfort he can get out o’ either pipe or drink afore he’s done.’

Her father went out of doors, evidently to finish his pipe.

‘Now am not I a fool — am I not, Miss? — there, I knew I ought for to keep father at home, and away fro’ the folk that are always ready for to tempt a man, in time o’ strike, to go drink — and there my tongue must needs quarrel with this pipe o’ his’n — and he’ll go off, I know he will — as often as he wants to smoke — and nobody knows where it’ll end. I wish I’d letten myself be choked first.’


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