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adopted this resolution, they would find themselves after

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‘Won’t you try me?’ pleaded he; his thoughts suddenly bent upon learning what she had said. She was displeased with his pertinacity, but did not choose to affix too much importance to her words.

adopted this resolution, they would find themselves after

‘I said you had a human right. I meant that there seemed no reason but religious ones, why you should not do what you like with your own.

adopted this resolution, they would find themselves after

‘I know we differ in our religious opinions; but don’t you give me credit for having some, though not the same as yours?’

adopted this resolution, they would find themselves after

He was speaking in a subdued voice, as if to her alone. She did not wish to be so exclusively addressed. She replied out in her usual tone:

‘I do not think that I have any occasion to consider your special religious opinions in the affair. All I meant to say is, that there is no human law to prevent the employers from utterly wasting or throwing away all their money, if they choose; but that there are passages in the Bible which would rather imply — to me at least — that they neglected their duty as stewards if they did so. However I know so little about strikes, and rate of wages, and capital, and labour, that I had better not talk to a political economist like you.’

‘Nay, the more reason,’ said he, eagerly. ‘I shall only be too glad to explain to you all that may seem anomalous or mysterious to a stranger; especially at a time like this, when our doings are sure to be canvassed by every scribbler who can hold a pen.’

‘Thank you,’ she answered, coldly. ‘Of course, I shall apply to my father in the first instance for any information he can give me, if I get puzzled with living here amongst this strange society.’

‘You think it strange. Why?’


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